Explorado Market and Fat Fit Go are two brands creating healthy, low-carb, Keto products (specifically treats). These brands are both founded by Kendra and Rob Benson, located at 5748 S. Units C & D – College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525 – Both Explorado Market and Fat Fit Go products are available for wholesale (for retailers and distribution).

If you’re interested in providing Explorado Market / Fat Fit Go products in your establishment, please use the contact form located on this site.

After review of your form submission, we’ll provide you with wholesale case pricing.


Available Products


Keto Chocolate Chips
Fat Fit Go 1oz Chocolate
Keto Premium Chocolate Nut Butter
Explorado Market 1oz Chocolate Chips
Keto Premium Strawberry Lime Nut Butter
Explorado Market Sweet Cinnamon Toast Sprinkle

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