3.5g of Fat

0g of Protein

6g (net Carbs)

Cappellos Lemon Zest Cookie Dough is definitely not your average cookie. It is chewy, totally delightful, and filling with a twist of refreshing lemon.

This paleo, vegan, grain-free, and gluten-free treat is perfect for people who are following strict dietary restrictions, for health-conscious individuals, and for those who love lemon zest cookie dough like us.

If you feel guilty about eating a cookie, well, this Cappellos Lemon Zest Cookie Dough will let you feel otherwise. This soft and chewy lemon zest cookie dough features a perfect balance of sweet and slightly tart.

Have some bites of Cappellos Lemon Zest Cookie Dough and see how this delicious treat will surprise your palate!

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Nutrition Facts

8 serving(s) per container

Serving Size

1 cookie (21g)

Amount per serving



% Daily Value*

Total Fat 3.5g


Saturated Fat 2g


Sodium 75mg


Total Carbohydrate 6g


Total Sugars 4g


Protein 0g

*The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient is a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


Almond Flour, Organic Vermont Maple Syrup, Arrowroot Flour, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Lemon Zest, Natural Lemon Juice, Organic Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Baking Soda

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