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Buy Whole30 snacks and other food items that fit within the Whole30 lifestyle. We’ve done the research and have found the best Whole30 prepackaged foods (all in one place at Explorado Market).

What is the ideal diet?
One that doesn’t irritate your body.


It may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many diets forget that basic fact. Enter Whole30. This anti-inflammatory, whole-foods based diet has a different goal in mind: rather than focusing exclusively on weight loss, it wants you to eat the best possible foods for your body. That weight loss also happens to occur when you eat right is just a neat little side effect.

The Whole30 diet focuses on natural foods like meats, seafood, eggs, and vegetables. It’s comprised of those basic foods that you know are good for you—yet haven’t learned to enjoy quite like this before.

As you might imagine, the Whole30 diet can include some tasty, filling foods. But it also helps you sustain the Whole30 weight loss plan if you’re going to enjoy some Whole30 snacks along the way. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to shop for Whole30 grocery items, how to find Whole30 snacks, and how to make the diet work for you in the long-term.


What is Whole30? A Brief Explanation

Inflammation is a bad thing, yet so few of our diets seem to focus on that. Rather than filling our bodies with foods that will help us naturally achieve a state of balance, the emphasis of some diets seems to be eating whatever it is that will just fill us up. But is that always the best approach?

Whole30 doesn’t think so. The Whole30 diet is focused on those natural, non-irritating foods that most agree with our body. With Whole30, the idea is that you’ll have enough energy to get through the day, even when you sometimes eat smaller portions than you used to. You’ll feel just as healthy and satisfied when you eat smaller amounts of the right foods as when you eat larger amounts of the wrong foods.

Eating Whole30 means you’re going to cut some foods that other diets would agree with—such as cutting down on sugar and artificial sweeteners. Perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of the diet is that it expects you to cut out alcohol as well, even when you’re cooking. Avoiding grains and legumes is consistent with the low-carb diet, which means that Whole30 also has some astounding potential weight loss benefits.


The Benefits of Going Whole30

It goes without saying that avoiding foods like sugar is going to make most doctors happy. But is there really science to avoiding many types of fruits and legumes as well? Aren’t those plant-based sources of nutrients good for us? And is it possible to get enough nutrition from a Whole30 plan?


What are the benefits of going Whole30 anyway?

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Generally, Whole30 is a relatively new style of diet, which means that there aren’t many studies comparing it to control groups or other diets. However, some of the less controversial aspects of the diet, such as sticking to more vegetables, will win over plenty of people. That includes a number of potential digestive benefits that may be good for gut bacteria as well.
  • There may be some help with cardiovascular disease. The Whole30 approach—generally regarded as low-carb—may see similar benefits to other low carb studies, such as this one in which they found that overweight or obese women showed improvements in cardiovascular risk factors.
  • The low carb approach might also be beneficial for managing diabetes. A 2014 study showed that similar diets tended to be better for diabetes control.
  • Because avoiding inflammation is the goal, if the Whole30 diet is successful, it could decrease a broad swath of health risk factors across the board. There is currently little diet trial data to support this, but that doesn’t mean that going Whole30 is going to be bad for you—only that the trials have yet to take place.
  • Simplicity. Whole30 diet foods are familiar to most people. While it might seem hard to buy Whole30 snacks, there are plenty of Whole30 protein bars and Whole30 friendly snacks available to those who know how to shop for them.


Making Whole30 Work: The Plan and the Whole30 Snacks to Buy

Convinced that Whole30 may be worth a shot? Then the best way to give it a shot is to ensure that you have everything you need—the Whole30 grocery list, the online Whole30 grocery strategies, and Whole30 snacks online—that can make your success inevitable.

Here are some products and tips for making that happen:

  • Understand what Whole30 is. When you get the concept, you’ll be able to make decisions on your own as to what constitutes Whole30 diet foods or not. For example, our best Whole30 snacks have some overlap with other diet snacks you can acquire. Remove the ambiguity and you’ll find you have many more options than you initially thought.
  • Expand your horizons. Whether you’re keeping Whole30 Fort Collins in mind for your local grocery options or are willing to go online, you’ll find that you can expand your horizons to plenty of delicious snacks you never might have imagined might apply to a diet like Whole30.
  • Find snacks you’ll actually enjoy. Whole30 foods don’t have to be limiting and non-flavorful.
  • Stock your kitchen with snacks. Snacks can be what make or break a diet. When you stick to diet foods, you’ll be able to snack without guilt. When you opt for snacks outside the diet, you may find it derails your entire efforts. Make sure that you use the snacks that will empower you to keep enjoying the Whole30 diet.


Ready to try Whole30? You’ll find that the diet doesn’t have to be so limiting when you know where to find the right snacks!

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