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Eat what your ancestors ate.
Is it really as simple as that?

Ask someone who’s life has been improved by Paleo and you’ll get a definitive answer: yes.

For followers of the all-natural Paleo diet, that’s the name of the game: enjoying foods that are natural and healthy for the body because the body was designed to handle them. The logic is simple: eat the way your body should eat and you’ll watch the pounds melt off and noticeable improvements in markers for health and wellness.

But we don’t live in a paleo age. We live now. That’s why it can be tough to find Paleo snacks that make this diet far more manageable. Here’s what you’ll need to know if you want to enjoy the “ancestral” way of eating—a diet that’s full on flavor and packed with nutritional power.


What is Paleo? A Brief Explanation

Before you look to find paleo snacks online, it helps to know exactly what you’re looking for out of the Paleo diet. The word “paleo” refers to “paleolithic,” or a time in the history of human development between 2.5 million and 10,000 years ago.

The idea is simple: humans are wired to eat certain kinds of food—natural foods, such as animal protein and fat, plants, fruits, tubers, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Other foods—so-called “modern foods”—have adverse effects on our health because our bodies aren’t equipped to handle them. According to some, eating this way can even mean that you get to enjoy more foods while your body restores itself to a more balanced state. The result of that equation: weight loss, more enjoyment from your diet, and improvement for risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases closely linked to the quality of your diet.


The Benefits of Paleo

Why choose Paleo? What do our ancestors have to do with us? Here are a few of the benefits of switching to a more natural Paleo diet and the effect it can have on your waistline:

  • Paleo can improve glucose tolerance, which improves health markers for people with the risk of diabetes. One study found that it even outperformed the Mediterranean diet in terms of improving glucose tolerance in patients.
  • Eating Paleo diet foods can help improve risk factors for heart disease, according to one study that compared it to a “Diabetes diet.”
  • Weight loss: in the study above, people trying the Paleo diet also noticed that their weight factors, including total weight and their waist circumference, improved far more than the alternative diet group.
  • Simplicity: eating Paleo foods can be much more simple than most people imagine. Could your ancestors eat it? Is it a natural food found in a relatively natural state, the way a shelled nut might be found? This can reduce the overall strain of finding the best Paleo snacks available.
  • Other health marker improvements, according to one study, showed better cholesterol numbers for LDL, triglycerides, and total cholesterol. Diastolic blood pressure also improved for those on the Paleo diet.
  • Satiety: one of the primary factors in losing weight is a person’s ability to feel full while cutting back on overall food intake. The Paleo diet makes high-quality proteins readily available, greatly increasing the overall satiety of the diet.


With all of these benefits, why isn’t everyone on Paleo? It comes down to convenience and finding the Paleo snacks that can help make a commitment to this diet sustainable.


Using Snack Options and Paleo Foods to Make Paleo Easier to Follow

Let’s admit it: while Paleo makes bold promises when it comes to health and wellness, we don’t exactly live in paleolithic times. Packaged foods are tasty and junk food is convenient. To make the Paleo diet work, it helps to know how to find Paleo friendly snacks that boost your chances of sticking to it.


Here are a few tips for making that happen:

  • Use an online Paleo grocery outlet. Paleo grocery can be difficult when you’re shopping at your local shop. Sure, they’ll have some Paleo food staples, but will they have the offerings you need to make Paleo a lifestyle? Shop online to discover snack-able Paleo foods and Paleo friendly snacks that will make the diet feel much more satisfying and sustainable.
  • Indulge in snacks. Yes, it might sound counterintuitive, but you can find high-quality Paleo diet foods out of a bag. Consider these sea-salt Pork Cracklins—they’re a high-protein, low-carbohydrate breed of Paleo friendly snacks that will satisfy your need for something crunchy that feels like junk food but still fits with your new lifestyle.
  • Find the Paleo diet foods that give you the most satiety. Try to include these foods along with your regular meals so you can get the full enjoyment out of your eating without feeling like you have to make major sacrifices to your health.
  • Create a standard Paleo grocery list. A Paleo grocery list can help you stock up on all sorts of healthy foods that will keep you going through the week—fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and oils, and plenty of fresh produce. With high-quality proteins and even Paleo protein bars as a part of your fitness regimen, you’ll discover that you can enjoy something very close to your old lifestyle. For example, consider these Paleo protein bars as a great supplement and a fun way to enjoy either a dessert or a supplement item at the gym.
  • Create an overall lifestyle. Paleo isn’t just a diet; it’s a way of living. Yes, it’s possible to eat only Paleo foods and experience the benefits. But try to incorporate regular exercise as part of your regiment to create the high-quality boost in health you need to live your best life.


Whether you’re looking for Paleo in Fort Collins or just searching online for the right Paleo snacks to buy, there are all sorts of great-tasting Paleo foods that will help you shrink your waistline and improve your health.

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