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Let’s get clear about your goals for a second. You don’t want to lose “weight.” You want to lose fat. And the ketogenic diet—also known as “keto”—promises a way to do exactly that.

But the ketogenic diet is about more than how your body burns fuel. It’s about how satisfied you feel from the food you eat. It’s about feeling your best, even when you’re eating enough. It’s about having a satisfying diet that improves a wide range of health markers, including some surprising ones that you might have never suspected might improve with a diet like this.

The ketogenic diet has been the long-lost “answer” for many people who have tried to diet but failed because of the temptation to cheat. But if you want to stick to it, you’ll have to uncover the secrets of keto, find keto snacks that fit neatly into your lifestyle and understand the science of what ketogenic diet foods can do for your health.


What is Keto? A Brief Explanation

So what comprise keto friendly snacks and keto diet foods? The ketogenic is an ultra-low carbohydrate diet, similar to the “induction” phase in the Atkins diet. This means that you’ll generally eat 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, or fewer.

What’s the wise idea? As it turns out, the ketogenic diet may have benefits based on human physiology. For one, fewer carbohydrates in the system will tend to even out insulin levels, which can help diminish fat storage and promote fat burning. And the goal of the ketogenic diet is to put you into a state of “ketosis,” wherein your body switches from using glucose as its primary source of fuel and switches to ketones. This process ultimately leads to the body running off of its fat stores instead of glucose from the diet, which can mean a better body composition and weight loss benefits that go beyond total poundage.

This may sound quite limiting, but the advantage of the ketogenic diet is that it’s full of rich, flavorful foods that can leave you feeling satisfied.


The Benefits of Keto

So why bother counting carbs? Isn’t it another form of counting calories? As you’ll discover, there are numerous benefits to the ketogenic diet:

  • Weight loss. According to a 2018 article, “One diet regimen that has proven to be very effective for rapid weight loss is a very-low-carbohydrate and high-fat ketogenic diet.” There is some evidence that the ketogenic diet is especially suited for weight loss given its effect on fat-storing hormones like insulin.
  • Cardiovascular health risk. With all those high-fat, high-protein foods, you might imagine that you’re setting yourself up for heart disease, right? As it turns out, you’d be surprised. The keto diet “decreased the level of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and blood glucose, and increased the level of HDL cholesterol” in one study, with much of the literature showing the keto diet to be effective for many health markers even in the absence of weight loss.
  • Energy. When the body switches to burning fat for its fuel, it doesn’t have to rely on short-term glucose spikes for its energy. Many followers of the keto diet find that this gives them a stable source of energy that avoids the short-term ups and downs of traditional dieting.
  • Satisfaction. Although some may find reducing carbohydrates as drastically as it occurs within a ketogenic diet limiting, the overall satisfaction that comes from eating plenty of protein and healthy fats can help maintain satiety and produce more overall satisfaction from the diet.
  • Potential benefits for Type 2 diabetes. Individual accounts of effectively managing Type 2 diabetes with a ketogenic diet are rampant and for good reason. There’s no guarantee that switching to a ketogenic diet will automatically fix your underlying metabolic issues, but in some cases, it may help you address the underlying problems that were causing these issues in the first place.


The benefits of the keto diet are obvious to anyone who’s struggled to lose weight and feel satisfied with their lifestyle. But how can you stick to a keto diet as part of an overall lifestyle, especially when it almost completely shuts out carbohydrates? Here are some keto snacks and tips you can use:


Snack Options for Creating a Keto Grocery List, and Other Keto Snacks to Buy

Keto grocery shopping isn’t always easy, especially if you’re tempted to walk through the bakery on your way to the meats and produce sections. But the best keto snacks can help you build a lifestyle that feels sustainable, even when you have a craving for carbohydrates or packaged snacks.

Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Find substitute flavors without a lot of sugar. There’s no reason your carbohydrate cravings will go away at first. That’s why it’s great to use products like Keto Feast Chocolate to get the flavor you want out of your diet without compromising its quality.
  • Buy keto snacks you can afford in your diet. The ketogenic diet tends to focus on the ratio of macronutrients—fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Buying products like Pork Cracklins will satisfy that impulse to snack without forcing you to venture off your diet. When you can enjoy your snacks without compromising your diet, you make it possible to continue on for another day.
  • Turn online for help. Online keto grocery like the items you see here can go a long way to supplementing your regular shopping and making your pantry more keto-friendly. Other products, including keto protein bars, can give you the keto foods you need to have plenty of energy for going to the gym or going about your daily life. You can also pack these items for the car or work to ensure you always have them on hand.


Whether you’re doing Keto in Fort Collins or keto on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter—you can always find the products that will work within the confines of a keto diet to keep you satiated, happy, and persistent in your journey to greater health.

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