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Imagine a diet that reduced the volume of gas and liquids in your intestinal tracts, giving you less pain and bloating and helping to create more feelings of well-being. That’s what the Low FODMAP diet promises: a way to change your usual poor feelings of poor digestion and get your digestive system working properly again.

What might a FODMAP grocery list look like? What even constitutes a FODMAP grocery food? And are there ways for you to find FODMAP snacks that will actually help you reduce the overall strain on your digestive system?

As it turns out, the FODMAP might actually be the ideal roadmap for helping you solve your gastrointestinal issues. And while the diet holds a lot of promise for those who struggle with digestion pains and irritations, its benefits can potentially go beyond that, helping you to simplify your diet and focus exclusively on the foods that give you more energy and empower you to live at your best.


What is FODMAP? A Brief Explanation

The name is more complicated than the concept. FODMAP itself means fermentable oligo-/di-/mono-saccharides and polyols. What does that add up to? As it turns out, a low FODMAP diet would be one low in the foods that would ordinarily upset many peoples’ digestive systems.

Oligosaccharides would include complex carbohydrates like wheat and rye. Disaccharides include lactose, the primary dairy sugar. And monosaccharides are simple carbs such as sucrose and fructose—essentially referring to sugar.

But it’s not just a low-sugar diet. It’s also important to eat low-fermentable foods.

Reducing these foods from your diet can be much easier on your digestion and potentially even promote weight loss, the FODMAP is increasing in popularity. Although the restriction of a wide variety of saccharides can feel a little much for some, you should be able to find alternatives and FODMAP snacks that will help you get through it while still enjoying the foods that you eat.


The Benefits of the Low FODMAP Diet

With all that in mind, what kinds of benefits might you expect when you switch to a low FODMAP diet?

Here are a few of the benefits you should note:

  • A healthier digestive system. That, after all, is the goal of eating low FODMAP—that your digestion better handles the food you’re eating. With your digestion not working overtime to create bloat and pain, you’ll feel much more energy in your daily life, even if it’s just from the absence of having to deal with these chronic issues.
  • Better glycemic control. The reduction in sugar and fermentable carbohydrates in the low FODMAP diet can also have positive benefits when it comes to glycemic control. If you suffer from chronic issues such as Diabetes, consult with your doctor to find out if a low FODMAP diet may also have benefits in helping you to control these issues—there’s a good chance you may find out that it can be tremendously beneficial.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome. This severely uncomfortable condition can make life difficult in no shortage of ways. A meta-analysis of Low FODMAP diet studies showed that it did indeed seem to support the treatment of IBS, giving people who suffer from this condition hope that they can manage their symptoms by eating digestion-friendly foods.
  • Focus. The Low FODMAP diet is a diet of tremendous focus, isolating those foods that may be bad for one aspect of your health, even though the benefits of the diet may turn out to be tremendously healthy in other ways. But this focus can give you a lot of motivation as you attempt to manage your symptoms and give your digestion the treatment it deserves.


Is focus enough? It helps to have the best FODMAP snacks available along the way. In the next section, we’ll explore those FODMAP diet foods and FODMAP friendly snacks that can give you enough leeway in your diet to snack without guilt.


How to Stick to the FODMAP Diet, and Which FODMAP Snacks to Buy

Whether you’re attempting FODMAP in Fort Collins or anywhere around the world, you can find the FODMAP snacks online to sate your desires. Here are a few tips and links you can use to make the diet even easier:

  • Find replacements for your favorite snacks. Just because you’re doing a Low FODMAP protocol doesn’t mean you have to abandon everything you’ve ever enjoyed. Look for FODMAP foods and alternatives. FODMAP foods like these Dang Coconut Chips are the perfect way to keep yourself on the program without sacrificing that snacking feeling you love. Make sure that you continue to buy FODMAP snacks that suit your individual tastes; the less you have to change, the more likely it is that you’ll stick to the diet.
  • Go online. Let’s say that you want to make sure you’re fully stocked with Low FODMAP snacks. But you’re not sure the grocery store is going to have everything you need. You can always switch to online FODMAP grocery to ensure you have everything you want, from FODMAP protein bars to simple snacks like the Dang Coconut Chips.
  • Keep things simple for yourself. Avoid shopping while hungry—you’ll find that you load up on those calorie-dense foods that you were trying to avoid in the first place. Instead, make it your priority to shop when you’re full. This will help you keep things simple for yourself as you build a long-term lifestyle that’s based around healthy eating. The more you complicate you make it, the harder it will be to stick to your diet.


With a Low FODMAP diet, you can enjoy plenty of the same types of foods as you’ve always enjoyed. You’ll just do it in a different way. Make sure you plan ahead and use every opportunity possible to make the Low FODMAP lifestyle easier on yourself.

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