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In a way, yes. Fat Fit Go is the premium nut butters we produce in the same kitchen we produce all Explorado Market products. Explorado Market is also a small grocery store and bakery in Fort Collins, CO.
We are a completely gluten free facility. We also do not have any peanut products, soy, or fish on any equipment or in any area of our kitchen.
Yes, our aim is to provide the best, tasty keto treats and sustainable energy (Fat Fit Go) that fits within the macros of a low carb or ketogenic diet.
As soon as you create an account on the site you start earning points. You earn points when you buy stuff, the more you buy the more points you get.
Yes! For every person you refer that buys something you both get a $5 credit. Make sure you have an account first - look in the pop up option on the bottom left of the screen, here you can manage your rewards.
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