Explorado Market & Fat Fit Go

A full production keto/low-carb kitchen + grocery store + bakery in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Kendra & Rob Benson

In 2013 they started a blog with a focus on Paleo & Keto recipes, meal plans, biohacking tips, and more.

After a few years they began producing Fat Fit Go with a co-packer and had a terrible experience. They decided to build their own kitchen and get to work. Explorado Market was born.

Explorado Market

Explorado Market is a multifaceted approach to a healthier way of eating. The focus is on low-carb/keto treats making the diet and way of eating more accessible.

The company produces baked goods in house in addition to baking mixes and other treat based foods.

Bakery & Market

Fort Collins, CO may be the first city to host a completely Keto bakery with store front (with hundreds of Keto/Paleo treats and food options). Truly a unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

Dry Mix & Chocolate

Explorado Market is also known for their incredibly versatile baking mix (completely keto) + clean, keto chocolate chips and cinnamon toast sprinkle.

Fat Fit Go

Made out of necessity and produced and packaged in house at Explorado Market. When Fat Fit Go is made, it's instantly packaged to retain complete freshness.

The product is an answer to all of the sugar products endurance athletes of the past used. Fat is smarter fuel and Fat Fit Go offers a delicious way to get a healthy dose of sustainable energy.
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