Low Carb Desserts to Buy


Following a low carb diet (or the Keto Diet) can be an amazing experience. However, one of the things a lot of people really miss on a low carb diet are desserts. Lucky for you, we started an entire company built to provide a solution to the low carb dessert desert (see what I did there). Not only that but we have a grocery store dedicated to low carb foods + a full Keto / Low-Carb bakery in Fort Collins, Colorado. We know a thing or two about low carb desserts. 

In this post we'll help you discover incredible low carb desserts to buy online. Some of these items we produce and some are options we carry in our store. Either way, you'll rest assured that we've checked the ingredients and the macros. You're good to go!

However, when it comes to finding low carb desserts, you really need to check the ingredients. Reason is, there's a lot of trickery with food labeling, especially when it comes to eating low carb. Some ingredients labeled as low carb actually impact your glucose (huge spikes). 


Ingredients to Avoid (when living low-carb)

  1. Maltodextrin - Highly processed from starchy plants and may have a serious impact on blood glucose levels. 
  2. Honey - While honey is pretty amazing ... it's not low-carb and it will (in higher amounts) kick you out of Ketosis. 
  3. Coconut Sugar - Similar to honey, it's pretty great. However, it's sugar and will raise your glucose levels.
  4. Maple Syrup - Again, like honey and coconut sugar, it's amazing stuff, tastes good and has health benefits. BUT NOT if you're diabetic or therapeutically using the Keto Diet. 
  5. Agave Nectar - Not sure why this is viewed as good by anyone, 85% fructose and a huge impact on glucose. Might be worse than sugar... no health benefit.
  6. Dates - Pretty great food choice, tasty and fun to make Paleo foods with BUT dates are high in carbs and high in carbs can spell disaster for a multitude of reasons. 
  7. Sucralose - Consider this a poison and avoid at all costs. 
  8. Aspartame - Let's consider aspartame a poison too, don't eat it. Ever.
  9. Maltitol - Affects the gut negatively, has a high glycemic index score compared to its sugar alcohol counterparts. 
  10. Acesulfame K - Again, it's poison. 
  11. Saccharin (Sweet N' Low) - Linked to serious health conditions... another poison.


I personally wear a CGM or continuous glucose monitor. I'm able to test all the foods we produce and many of the foods and treats we sell in our store. It's convenient and I've learned a lot about my health (I highly recommend it). A CGM provides a reading on my cell phone via an app anytime I scan the unit (that's inserted in to my upper arm). The unit is painless to install and you can do it from home. Not only does it scan and give my my blood glucose levels but it also provides me with a chart of exactly how my blood glucose is trending. 

I like the monitor due to the fact I can know (not guess) how foods affect me personally. 

Here's an example of what my response is to one of our cupcakes (and frosting). Pretty cool, no impact on my blood glucose levels!

Blood sugar cupcake


Alright, let's get to the list...

Low Carb Desserts Available Online


Sweet Keto Bake Mix

Per Serving: 15g of Fat, 6g of Protein, 2g (net) Carbs. 

Our first love and the most versatile low carb dessert you can buy is our sweet keto baking mix (made in-house). This mix is the perfect base for cookie bars, donuts, waffles, pancakes, and so much more. Couple of things that make this bake mix amazing: it's consistently good (takes the guesswork out of making low carb desserts), it's so easy to use (our kids make treats all the time), It doesn't have any grain, gluten, or sugar. 

The drawback about the mix is it's NOT a prepackaged food ready to take with you. However, you can save a load of money by making your own treats fresh, ready ahead of time. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Keto Birthday Cake



Rebel & Killer Creamery Keto Ice Cream

Around 2 net carbs per serving for most varieties. Both of these brands are sold at our brick and mortar location and both are amazing. We're starting to see a huge variety of flavors coming in to the keto ice cream space which is very welcomed news. 

Rebel Keto Ice Cream Killer Keto Ice Cream


Fat Fit Go Premium Nut Butter

Not only are these a nice serving of fat for energy, they're also incredibly tasty. Like a sweet and salty, perfectly blended fat bomb in a little packet (to help with portion control) that fits in your purse or pocket. Two flavors that are so vastly different and unique. The chocolate is sweet and salty with a hint of cinnamon, yum. The strawberry lime sounds strange but it's a perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and salty. It's a great change of pace and so convenient. 

Fat Fit Go Nut Butters

Fat Fit Go Strawberry Lime


Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bars

Nothing like a perfect chocolate bar to make life a little better. These bars are good and full of fat and only have 2g net carbs.  

Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bar


Stoka Bars

Just want something crunchy like one of those Nature's Valley bars but don't want the carbs? Well then, aren't you going to be a happy camper. These Stoka bars are a very nice change-up in an otherwise non-crunchy world. 

Stoka Bars


Virgil's Root Beer

All you really need to do is get the ice cream (make it vanilla) and well, you know the rest... This drink is DARE I SAY better than the sugar versions?!?! Well, it is.

Virgils Root Beer


Nush Baked Snack

A little shelf stable cake product, that's exactly meant for the Keto crowd? Uh, okay! These little cake bars are so convenient and unique. You really need to try one.

Nush Cakes


Bhu Bars

Looking for a creamy little bar that just dropped from heaven? Probably not... BUT these little bars are insanely good. And the best part, there's loads of flavors. Be careful, it's hard to eat just one. 

Bhu bars


Explorado Market Chocolate Chips

Never underestimate the power of the chocolate chip. And these chocolate chips are second to none, have a low net carb count, melt like a dream, and taste incredible. Eat them by the handful, melt them down and dip, or bake. 

Explorado Market Chocolate Chips


These treats are perfect for anyone looking for a low-carb dessert to buy or possibly even make. Get creative and start adding these items together. There's so many variations and the best part... you've gotten sugar out of the equation. Life is better when you don't eat sugar. These products make low carb desserts a sweet reality. 

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