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Rob Benson Basics of the Keto Diet

Intro to Keto

This post is a recap of the presentation given by Rob Benson on January 10th at Explorado Market on the basics of the Keto Diet. 

FODMAP Diet and Food List

Low FODMAP Diet and Food List

A Low FODMAP Diet may be used to alleviate symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) + gastrointestinal disorders. Complete Low FODMAP Food list found in this post!

Keto Diet and Food List

Keto Diet and Food List

The practice (Diet) of consuming higher quantities of fat vs. protein and carbs. Carbs are VERY limited during nutitional Ketosis.

Paleo Diet and Food List

Paleo Diet and Food List

Paleo: whole foods (with the removal of foods that tend to cause inflammation and chronic disease). Here’s a look at Paleo in today’s world.

AIP Diet & Food List

AIP Diet & Food List

AIP stands for autoimmune protocol. View AIP as an elimination diet, you’ll remove foods to help reset your immune system.



You may know that eggplant is a nightshade… but what else? Here’s a list of 31 edible nightshades.

What is insulin Resistance

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin Resistance is a huge problem. And it’s a costly issue that can be addressed through better eduction.

Are Keto and Paleo Expensive?

Are Keto and Paleo More Expensive?

Eating healthier is commonly viewed as a more expensive lifestyle. This doesn’t need to be true. There are simple steps you can take to reduce food costs and improve health.

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