Hi, we’re Kendra and Rob Benson and we’re behind the website Our Paleo Life, our Keto product line at Fat Fit Go, and the products and grocery experience at Explorado Market.

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Explorado Market

Explorado Market

(Fort Collins, Colorado)

A brick and mortar specialty grocery store / commercial kitchen – specializing in Keto/Paleo foods. The Explorado Market is open to the public and is also a premier online grocery option – search food items by diet, try singles of products (without having to buy a 10 pack), order online and pick up in store, or enjoy free shipping (with a minimum order). We create and produce delicious Keto & Paleo snacks.

Our Products

Fat Fit Go Packets
Keto Chocolate Chips (1 oz)
Fat Fit Go 10 oz
Keto Chocolate Chips

Making diet approved foods accessible.

Our Story

In 2013 we started the website ourpaleolife.com – since that time the site has grown in popularity. We’ve created meal plans, recipes, and tips on living healthier and longer through diet and “biohacking”. We’ve sold thousands of meal plans, and millions of people have used our recipes.

Our Paleo Life Fort Collins

Early in 2018 we created a product called Fat Fit Go – this is a different look at nut butters / energy gels. We had massive problems initially using a third party manufacturer so we decided to build out a commercial kitchen to have complete control. We now have all machinery in house to produce and distribute very high quality, tasty products.

Fat Fit Go Website

This brings us to our location at 5748 S. College – we built out a kitchen and decided we should take everything we know and create what we’ve always wanted, a paleo / keto grocery, we had the space. We got to work and we’ve been so pleased with the results. A combination kitchen for production and grocery for specifics (mainly Keto) is our dream come true. We are deeply grateful for our wonderful patrons who have helped us to make this possible.

Explorado Market Rewards

We’re focusing on what we know… Keto & Paleo. And we hope you join us and enjoy our products.

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